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Alcatel-Lucent RSS Feeds
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. Alcatel-Lucent offers the RSS feeds listed below for use in news readers and blogs. To use these feeds, you will need a News Reader or personalized homepage, such as Google home page or My Yahoo!

Using RSS with a Personalized Web Page
Some web sites offer personalized pages (such as Google home page, My Yahoo, and allow you to add and view RSS feeds (also known as News feeds). If you use one of these personalized pages, follow the web page’s instructions for adding RSS or News Feeds to the page.

Most of these pages will ask you to enter the address for the RSS feed you want to add. To get the address for an Alcatel-Lucent RSS feed, click one of the feeds on the right side of this page (e.g., “Press Releases”), then copy and paste the address (that appears in your web browser’s address bar) into the space provided for it on your personalized page. Once you’ve added the address, the latest articles from the Alcatel-Lucent RSS feed will display when you access your personalized page.

Using RSS with an RSS Reader
To view our RSS feeds using an RSS reader, follow the instructions below. Some RSS readers are provided for no charge, others are offered for a software fee from the vendor.

Step 1. Download and install a News Reader. You may use the News Reader of your choice.

See Google’s RSS Directory for a wide selection of readers.

Step 2. On the Alcatel-Lucent RSS page, click on the RSS feed you want to view (a list of feeds appears on the right side of this page). After clicking on a feed, you will see some XML code appear in the browser window. Copy the address (URL) in your browser's address bar, then open your news Reader.

Step 3. In the News reader, follow the instructions for adding a new feed. You will paste the address (copied from the Alcatel-Lucent web site) into the space provided for it in your News reader.

Step 4. Whenever you wish to view the RSS feed, open your reader and it will display the latest content from the feed(s) you’ve added to the reader.

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